RTR Top Five (With a Silver Bullet)

In the past (WAAAAAAY in the past), I was sort of averse to spoilers.  I liked being surprised by the new cards and I wanted to experience a set in a face to face kind of way.  Things change (I’m still not using a freaking playmat!), though, and I really dig the way the MTG … Continue reading

PTQ King’s Games—Sept. 22, 2012

Friday Night: It was 2am.  Finally time to leave work.  Energy drinks were starting to wear off, and I was genuinely tired from a long day at the grind.  Slinging drinks, while easy work, takes its toll in other ways.  I hop on my bike, and bust out 2.1 miles toward home in a sleepy … Continue reading

The Chaos of Impeding Rotation—Part Four

Right! Riding high from my return to Twenty sided, the weekend was torturous.  I just wanted to flop cards.  But you know how it is, ya gotta work.  But before the weekend, fashion week happened, and I got a call as an emergency studio photographer… netting enough for a case of RTR!  Thats gonna make a … Continue reading

The Chaos of Impending Rotation—Part Three

In which Zac sheds his janky Delver coil and dons his porcelain mask once more for Friday Night Magic at Twenty Sided Store. Friday afternoon I still had a lot of work to do for my article for INKED magazine.  I took off work at the bar and put my nose to the grindstone, and finished the … Continue reading

The Chaos of Impending Rotation—Part Two

The last time we left Zombie Zac he was 2-2 on the side of the road. Looking pretty… undead. So, I got home a realized that a few Ebay packages had arrived. I now had the complete U/G Delver deck (minus Sideboard). Quirion Dryads are the power source behind this deck. I wanted to try … Continue reading

The Chaos of Impending Rotation—Part One

Rotation… People say it like it the tornado from the Wizard of Oz. It’s like a black cloud that financially hangs over everyone once a year. With Return to Ravnica spoiling bit by bit each day, it seems like the current standard Metagame is growing volatile.  People are testing rogue decks and there are no … Continue reading