State of the Meta—Tourney Report

I’m here to tell you the good word from our house of worship (Twenty Sided Store) that the meta-game is diverse and healthy. Last week’s 0-2-2 performance left me feeling mighty salty about my American Control deck. Sighting a general lack of win conditions and overall bad play/excellent play by my opponents I spent the … Continue reading

Power and Toughness—Junk Reanimator at 20SS (TNM)

I almost didn’t go to Tuesday Night Magic (TNM) at Twenty Sided Store (20ss) as I had a video to finish editing for a performance I am doing this weekend at the Art Live Fair benefiting Lotus House Women’s Shelter and only two days to complete it. I got it to a point and then … Continue reading

Pondering—American Delver (or How I Learned to Stop Flipping and Love Hellkite)

Dynamic “Delver” list by Li Xu with strange new tech not yet seen on this planet.

Pondering—New York States

Li Xu, aka THAT Delver Player, aka @Chinamanlx on the Twitter, just posted up his report from States, a stunning 4-2! Everyone has seen that “F&*K you” smile at least once in their professional Magic career.

Tourney Report—Draft at Twenty Sided Store (Oct. 12, 2012)

Friday 10/12/12 Chase Culpon emailed me back to inform me that there was an early draft today and that he’d be there to test standard and get a draft in around 2:00pm.  Others on the Email list for the store chimed in.  I was hankering for a little standard myself, just having finished most of … Continue reading