Power and Toughness—Failure With BGWU Reanimator

A 1-3 record sucks. Li Xu and I played similar versions BGWU Reanimator at 20ss’s TNM (he writes about it here) this week. We posted a combined 1-5-1 record against a meta that we haven’t played well against all season. I’d been sweating which Standard deck to play all day. BR seems so last season. … Continue reading

Pondering—If It Ain’t Broke

Allow me to get the excuses out of the way first: I was in no shape to be at Tuesday Night Magic last night. A combination of no sleep the night prior and a full day of travel meant I was pretty burnt out by the time I even landed at JFK, much less the … Continue reading

What We Learned—There’s Too Much Pressure on Judges

Hello reader! What We Learned is a weekly feature here at Hipsters of the Coast. The goal is to take some of the events and articles polluting the Magic world, strip out the chaff (tournament reports, game theory, economics) and give you our superior opinion. Complaints are encouraged. Apparently Magic players, for all their mastery … Continue reading

Power and Toughness—RTR Draft in Rochester, NY

Hello from aboard Amtrak 284 heading from Rochester to New York! I’m currently leaving the Schenectady Station. Trains are the best way to travel and Rochester isn’t a horrible place to play Magic: the Gathering (the collectible card game of strategy and imagination)! I went to FNM at Millennium in Henrietta. They have HUGE cases … Continue reading

Pondering—RTR Sucks (There, I Said It)

Since I’ve been stuck in New Mexico with no way to play paper Magic, I’ve resorted to drafting on Magic Online for the past week or so. It took a few drafts to start going infinite, and chaining drafts with the winnings from the previous felt pretty good, but in the end, a string of … Continue reading

TNM Report—GW Aggro

Around 5pm I’m walking down my stairs to check the mail one last time. I’ve got some Hellriders and a Thalia coming in the mail, that I need for decks tonight. Curses! Foiled again. I meet Paul coming up the stairs. We spent most of yesterday deck teching RDWs and GW Aggro. It was an … Continue reading

The Scrub Report—Aggro-Less Aggro Decks, Filibuster Heartbreak, and More!

Magic is the hardest game I’ve ever played. I suck at it. I love it. I’m brand new to Magic. I started playing a few months ago. The Scrub Report will follow me, Giaco, and all of my crushing defeats and minor victories. I draft the current format every week where I play amongst some … Continue reading

Power and Toughness—9th Place at Twenty Sided Store’s Commander’s Arsenal RTR Sealed Tournament

Historically I’ve done well at Twenty Sided Store tournaments featuring a top 8. Every GPT I’ve participated in I’ve top 8’d here. Those days usually involve evening plans with my girlfriend being canceled much to her dismay and my stating that “I didn’t expect to do this well and seeing as I am I’d like … Continue reading

Pondering—Two and a Half Reanimators

Reanimator has come a long way since the initial Junk lists right after rotation. Up until last weekend, the four color versions running Red for Faithless Looting were the cutting edge of these decks, with 11 dig spells to power through the library and find exactly what the player needed. I personally played a four … Continue reading

Power and Toughness—GW Less Aggro (FNM #4)

In eight matches against RDW I’ve gone 1-7 with GW Chato Aggro. In FNM I went 3-1 (as reported last week) and in Standard Dailies on MTGO I’m 8-8 overall (3-1, 2-2, 2-2, 1-3). The final Daily, as reported in the comment thread of last week’s article, was severely affected by mulligans and bad keeps. … Continue reading