23/17—Grand Prix Gigantor (aka Charlotte), Part One

Right now I’m on the plane, headed home from GP Charlotte—aka the single biggest Magic tournament of all time, with an incredible 2,693 players. I had speculated that this event—given what seems to be ever-increasing GP attendance, combined with StarCityGames’ unparalleled marketing power, and despite being in not quite as big a hub city as … Continue reading

Arting Around—Hipsters’ Favorites Part One

In attempting to find things to write about for Arting Around I asked, at Hunter’s suggestion, the Hipsters’ regular contributors which cards contain the best and worst art. This is the first in a series of columns that will be dedicated to me talking about their choices. My roommate, Vincent, asked me what I thought … Continue reading

Pondering—Twenty Sided PTQ

My tenure in the fighting game community has taught me, ironically, humility. In a scene so fueled by adrenaline and shit-talking, failure to deliver is almost always a one-way ticket to ridicule. So I did a bit of growing up, and over time, I regressed from thinking everyone was a scrub and started focusing on … Continue reading

Hope Eternal—Bad Matchups

Ugh. Just ugh. The Modern PTQ this past weekend was a huge disappointment for me, and I ended up dropping when I found myself fighting back tears having lost again in round four. Magic is a game of skill, this is true, but there is also a not-insignificant element of luck involved, from the draws … Continue reading

Power and Toughness—The Age of Modern: The Gathering

These were the big Modern weeks at Twenty Sided Store. There have been Modern tournaments two consecutive Sundays and lots of Modern playtesting. I probably have the hang of Kiki-Pod. It challenges me like none other. Naya Pod was the deck I enjoyed playing the most since returning to the game about 18 months ago. … Continue reading

State of the Meta—Big Bant Wolf

I could tell you about misplays and about bad matchups and I could go over every opponent I played on Saturday’s PTQ, but I’d rather get you ready for Standard this week. Coming off the heels of Pro Tour Gatecrash I’m excited to see the overall deck diversity and strange brews that are rampant right … Continue reading

Command of Etiquette—Cool Commanders

I’ve run into the problem, from time to time, where one of my friends builds a Commander deck around an amazing general, and I want to play it desperately. But they had it first, and I don’t want to end up just copying someone else’s innovation, out of respect and because it would probably be … Continue reading

What We Learned—Grand Prix Charlotte (Feb. 25)

Hello reader! What We Learned is a weekly feature here at Hipsters of the Coast. The goal is to take some of the events and articles polluting the Magic world, strip out the chaff (tournament reports, game theory, economics) and give you our superior opinion. Complaints are encouraged. Two thousand, six hundred and ninety-three players … Continue reading

The End Step—PT Gatecrash, Modern PTQ Prep and the First Day of Wizard’s School

Welcome to the weekend! I’m looking forward to some serious Dead Space 2 action after what has seemed to be a longer-than-usual week… Here at HotC, we continued to focus on the upcoming Twenty Sided Store PTQ. Matt Jones brought PT Gatecrash versions of Jund Aggro and Big Naya to TNM and FNM, and recorded some … Continue reading

From the Sideboard—SCG Open Series Edison, Part Two: Legacy

Welcome back for the second part of my SCG Weekend in Edison NJ. After coming home from my improbable 6-0 run on Saturday to close out the day (after my super awesome 0-3 start), I sat down for some late night, Burger King-fueled testing and tuning at the Higbie residence with fellow legacy aficionados, Erik … Continue reading