The End Step—Gatecrash Prerelease, Modern Bannings, and More

Congratulations on making in through the last week of January—and what a week it was.

Last weekend saw many of the HotC writers attend Gatecrash prerelease events. After attending a midnight flight, Rich Stein realized that he had lost much of his enjoyment of competitive Magic. Matt Jones spent his prerelease GRUUL SMASHing—and losing with Dimir. Giaco Furino scrubbed out—as usual—while Limited specialist Hunter Slaton double-extorted his way to the top. In anticipation of Gatecrash’s formal release, Jess Stirba considered potential new additions to your Commander deck, while Zac Clark durdled his way to a new control deck featuring the much-maligned Gideon.

On Monday, we found out that both Bloodbraid Elf and Seething Song had gotten the axe in Modern. Li Xu discussed Jund’s BBE-less future—and a possible evolution into BUG—while Jess Stirba tested a few new mono-colored decks for the new Modern landscape.

Finally, in a league of his own, Matt Jones explored the terrifyingly singular world of Llanowar Elves card art throughout the history of the game.


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