From the Sideboard—Embracing My Inner Johnny

By Kadar “Ragebeast” Brock Johnny is the creative gamer to whom Magic is a form of self-expression. Johnny likes to win, but he wants to win with style. It’s very important to Johnny that he win on his own terms. As such, it’s important to Johnny that he’s using his own deck. Playing Magic is … Continue reading

The End Step—Excessively Skilled

I don’t think it’s too self-congratulatory to say that the HotC writers knocked their respective balls out of the park this week. As one entirely-too-accurate spambot wrote to our own Hunter Slaton, “You’re an excessively skilled blogger”—and it hadn’t even read his GP Pittsburgh report, yet! Alongside Hunter in Pittsburgh, Matt Jones came this close to his … Continue reading

The Scrub Report—I Dream of Magic

I’m sitting at the table across from an opponent I don’t recognize. I’ve got four forests on the board and two creatures on the battlefield. My opponent swings in with his attackers, and I double block the biggest threat. He taps his open mana and blood rushes his unblocked attacker, giving it enough of an … Continue reading

23/17—Getting Beat by a Kid and Renouncing Losing at GP Pittsburgh

Now you just gotta win out!—text message from Matt Jones Last Friday I hated Magic. Let me back up: Last Friday I woke up at 4:45am to get on the road early to Grand Prix Pittsburgh, Gatecrash Limited format, with Matt “The Obliterator” Jones, Kadar “History’s Greatest Monster” Brock, and Local Notable Level 2 Judge … Continue reading

State of the Meta—Graveyard Hate 2.0

My girlfriend hates zombies, the undead, and frankly most gross things (or gross as far as non-necromancers are concerned). Not me! I’m a big fan of those things when it comes to movies and boy did I love me a Zombies deck back during pre-RTR cycle Standard. But the Undead, Angels, Beast, and Demons are … Continue reading

Hope Eternal—GP Pittsburgh and the Bazaar of Fun

I wasn’t really expecting to do well at Grand Prix Pittsburgh. I love me some Gatecrash limited, but serious sealed events have a high degree of luck involved, and it sometimes leads to awkward outcomes. But I ended up going 6-3 with an interesting Gruul pool with a slight Simic splash for Master Biomancer, and … Continue reading

Pondering—Under a Blazing Sun

The big story this week, as you’ll learn on Friday, is Hunter’s INSANE run through GP Pittsburgh, finishing at an astonishing 56th place with a 12-4 record after going in with zero byes and losing his first two rounds. What a fucking boss. I, on the other hand, didn’t get to play much Magic over … Continue reading

Arting Around—Email Interview With Chris Rahn

Since interviewing RK Post at Grand Prix Atlantic City I’ve been trying to contact and engage other Magic: The Gathering artists in dialogue about life, fantasy games, and their work. I’ve reached out to several artists and Chris Rahn is the first to respond consistently. He’s the the hand and visual mind behind Corpsejack Menace, … Continue reading

Command of Etiquette—Walking the Elder Dragon’s Highlands, Part Three

So I’m back from GP Pittsburgh, and while I did not do as well as my esteemed colleague, about which you will be hearing more later in the week, I had a blast and even got to play some Commander. Not that I really want to play Commander with strangers in general; at one point … Continue reading

Drawing Live—Level-Up Moments

Good morning, Internet (or time-appropriate greeting)!  I’m Zach B. (not to be confused with your Durdle Magus, Zac C.), your newest contributor to Hipsters of the Coast. I’ve been playing Magic on and off since 1994, I’m an avid streamer (, and I too frequent Twenty Sided Store (where I teach introduction Magic and draft … Continue reading