Command of Etiquette—A-Mazing Possibilities, Part Two

The pre-release weekend has come and gone, and now that I’ve had some time to actually play with the cards I have a whole new appreciation for some of these generals. I was afraid initially that Return to Ravnica would only give us “big” legends and not companion “small” legends like the original block had; … Continue reading

Drawing Live—First Impressions

Dragon’s Maze comes out this week! Woo-hoo! A new Limited format is upon us! Hopefully you had the opportunity to attend a prerelease. I took part in two of them at Twenty Sided Store and saw every Hipsters of the Coast contributor over the course of the weekend. I had a blast, going 4-0 in … Continue reading

Power and Toughness—Dragon’s Maze, Mad Men, and Reanimator

The Walking Dead ended a few weeks ago so I’ve been writing Power and Toughness before, during, and after Mad Men airs on AMC. This week’s episode is the one where Martin Luther King’s death is mentioned. They said “negro” a second ago and it felt super weird to hear, as it always does. “That dress … Continue reading

What We Learned—Running the Maze (April 29)

Photo from @20SidedStore

Hello reader! What We Learned is a weekly feature here at Hipsters of the Coast written by former amateur Magic Player Rich Stein, who came really close to making day two of a Grand Prix on several occasions. The goal is to take some of the events and articles polluting the Magic world, strip out the … Continue reading

The Scrub Report—Goodbye Old Friend

Gatecrash holds a special place in my heart. Having started my well-documented Magic career with Return to Ravnica, I began seeing my first steps of improvement in GTC. I recorded my first 2-1 in a draft, I built my first (semi-competitive) deck during Gatecrash, and I began dabbling with casual Magic formats. So what does … Continue reading

23/17—Every Last Dragon’s Maze Common Reviewed

This week we’re going to take a look at all the commons in Dragon’s Maze. We’ve got a long way to go, so let’s get after it! Boros Mastiff—As a 2/2 for two, aka a “Bear,” this pup is unexciting but fine. His battalion ability is pretty unimpressive, though. Most of the other Boros Legionnaires … Continue reading

State of the Meta—Year One

Just over a year ago I entered my first Sanctioned Magic Event in over five years. I was in for a few surprises—”What do you mean damage doesn’t stack?” “You’ve actually gotten better since the last game.” Monique told me during the second game of my first match back, as I remembered that I could … Continue reading

Hope Eternal—Fighting Burnout, Cracking Eggs

The week or two before a new set hits is always awkward. You’ve got the full spoiler out, but no sense of how the cards actually play; you can guess at how these cards will fit in the various metas, but unless you’re part of a higher-level testing group you’re not going to have a … Continue reading

Grinding It Out—Is This a PTQ or a GP Day Two?

By Monique Garraud 6:15 a.m.—I snooze once and then shoot up and awake to prepare for a long day. I have just picked up Reid Duke’s latest Jund brew about two weeks prior, and 3-1-ed two FNMs with it—so I have a general idea of how it works, but I am nowhere near proficient. I’m … Continue reading

Pondering—Attacking Along an Alternate Axis

I played Standard last week. Me! Standard! There was a time when that statement didn’t raise any eyebrows. Standard used to be my jam, until Return to Ravnica and my discovery of Modern changed that. After GP Atlantic City, I played less and less Standard until I eventually just stopped paying attention to the format … Continue reading