Power and Toughness—The Return of BR Zombies at TCG Player Spring States

My alarm, a Tibetan singing bowl app on my iPhone, went off not as peacefully as you’d imagine, at 8am. I shit, shower, shave, and head out on my bike towards Kings Games for the TCG Spring States tournament. It’s got a 3x multiplier and, though people are really, really down on Kings, where I … Continue reading

State of the Meta—The Twenty Sided Metagame for May 10, 2013

State of the Meta is a weekly column appearing every Friday and reporting on the previous week’s FNM Meta at Twenty Sided Store, Hipster’s main base of operations—yet with which we are in no way affiliated. We thought it’d be a good idea to track the Standard meta game at our favorite Magic haunt, Twenty … Continue reading

The Scrub Report—Grown Up Magic

You know you have a special kind of job when you’re questioned with something like, “Giaco, what’s more important? Your mother… or your Magic career?” Alas, this past week I chose my mother over my Magic career. I went home to King of Prussia (home of one of the only other Compleat Strategist gaming stores … Continue reading

23/17—California Draftin’

Last week I headed to Los Angeles for work, in order to write a story about a moderation-management rehab in Beverly Hills. (Stay tuned for that story on TheFix.com.) I thought I might have a little free time on Friday afternoon, before hooking up with some friends who moved out west a year and a … Continue reading

Developments in Durdling—Sideboard Bible

I have recently tried to get in the habit of writing out my sideboards and sideboard strategies into a notebook, a larger-format Moleskin I call the Sideboard Bible. So far, I have recorded by sideobarding decisions for Eggs (R.I.P) and UWR Midrange in Modern. I have found this process to be incredibly reassuring, not to … Continue reading

Hope Eternal—Changing of the Guard

Hello again, hipsters! I was recently approached by drafter extraordinaire Hunter “Rolex” Slaton (of 23/17 fame) about whether I would be interested in writing a weekly column on eternal formats. For those of you that know me, that sounds like a hand that I would snap-keep, right? Well, spoiler alert: I said, “Yes.” So, it … Continue reading

Grinding It Out—Casually Competitive

10:19 a.m. It feels so good to sleep in. I had the option to wake up early and play in a Grand Prix Trial but, in order to prevent burn-out, I’ve decided to head to my local game store for a casual Standard tournament. Rob and I head to the subway station for the quick … Continue reading

Pondering—Grinding It Out With Grixis

I played Standard! Again! Me! Standard! Again! The last time I did, I played the horribly boring UWR Flash, came with a half-assed sideboard, and dropped at 1-2. This time, I played a brew and finished the day with a respectable 3-1. Here’s the list: Deck: Grixis Seer Counts : 60 main / 15 sideboard … Continue reading

Command of Etiquette—Combat Commanders

My first big EDH deck was built around what I like to call a “combat commander.” These are generals who usually win though general damage in the red zone, and usually they do so without the help of any other supporting cards. Let me illustrate this, because it’s not always clear. Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind is … Continue reading

Drawing Live—Cube Design: There’s Something About Tokens

Cube draft is amazing. Players go into a furor over the Magic Online cube every time that it reappears, spending tickets willy-nilly for the sheer joy of drafting it. When I’m discussing cube at Twenty Sided, strangers approach me, asking in hushed, reverent tones, “Does someone here own a cube? When do they bring it? … Continue reading