Developments in Durdling—Live Tweeting GP Philly

Hey guys! Sort of an off week for me. I’ve been working to get my photo business online and things really took off this week! But let’s get to the point here, right?

I don’t have the normal type of deck break down article or slice of magic life story for you this week. Instead Ill be doing my best to Live Tweet the GP with updates of our team mates.

Follow me at @DurdleMagus on Twitter and the blog @HotcBlog! I’ll make sure to take a bunch of photos and maybe a video or two as well. Next week I’ll be exploring Gifts in Modern again, but this time It’ll be a 5 Color List! Hopefully you tune in. Dave, Hunter, Matt, Jess, Brendan, Hugh and I are pretty psyched about the Grand Prix… And the Reading Terminal Market! Tweet us for Luck!

Zac Clark @DurdleMagus


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