23/17—California Draftin’

Last week I headed to Los Angeles for work, in order to write a story about a moderation-management rehab in Beverly Hills. (Stay tuned for that story on TheFix.com.) I thought I might have a little free time on Friday afternoon, before hooking up with some friends who moved out west a year and a … Continue reading

23/17—Team Hipsters Takes a Punch in New Jersey

Last Sunday I got up way too early and met up with Matt Jones and Kadar Brock at the  Official Williamsburg Meeting-Place for Magic-Related Travel—aka Kellogg’s Diner—to hit the Star City Games team sealed event out in Somerset, NJ. We’d practiced a little bit for the tourney, including a full-block sealed practice the Thursday prior, … Continue reading

23/17—Four Colors FTW at the DGM Prerelease

The Dragon’s Maze prerelease this past weekend at Twenty Sided Store was pretty dope. I played in the Saturday 3pm sealed flight, and the evening 2HG event as well—this time with fellow Hipster (and, I have recently learned, Sagat player) Li Xu. (You can read more about our miserable 2HG run in Li’s Pondering column … Continue reading

23/17—Every Last Dragon’s Maze Common Reviewed

This week we’re going to take a look at all the commons in Dragon’s Maze. We’ve got a long way to go, so let’s get after it! Boros Mastiff—As a 2/2 for two, aka a “Bear,” this pup is unexciting but fine. His battalion ability is pretty unimpressive, though. Most of the other Boros Legionnaires … Continue reading

23/17—Doing Fun Stuff in Limited, Card Evaluation, and the G.D.O.A.T.

A few weeks ago, Twenty Sided Store regular Kadar Brock earned my nickname for him—History’s Greatest Monster, natch—by playing a turn-four Gruul Ragebeast on me in a Gatecrash draft. “You son of a … ,” I said to him, as he gleefully slapped down the 6/6 seven-drop after double-tapping (courtesy of a Greenside Watcher) a … Continue reading

23/17—I Feel So Dirty

In a departure from our regularly scheduled programing, this week I’m going to be talking about … Standard. I know—shocking, right? Trust me, I’m as disgusted as you are. Long story short: In an effort to grind for Planeswalker Points (and here is where every non-Magic-playing friend of mine who’s happened to click on this … Continue reading

23/17—56th at Grand Prix Pittsburgh

Last week I left you at the end of GP Pittsburgh’s day one, in which I’d crushed it by going 8-0 after an 0-2 start with no byes. Read part one of my report here. Day Two I woke up and ran it back on the Dunkin’ Donuts tip with Josh Fetto, before heading back to … Continue reading

23/17—Getting Beat by a Kid and Renouncing Losing at GP Pittsburgh

Now you just gotta win out!—text message from Matt Jones Last Friday I hated Magic. Let me back up: Last Friday I woke up at 4:45am to get on the road early to Grand Prix Pittsburgh, Gatecrash Limited format, with Matt “The Obliterator” Jones, Kadar “History’s Greatest Monster” Brock, and Local Notable Level 2 Judge … Continue reading

23/17—Testing: Now With 100% More Sealed

This week, with Grand Prix Pittsburgh on the horizon—by the time you read this, I’ll be driving west through Pennsylvania toward the GP with a Twenty Sided Store crew including myself, The Kadar Brock, fellow HOTC author Matt “The Obliterator” Jones, and in-house Level 2 Judge Connor Hays—I’m going to talk a little bit about … Continue reading

23/17—Track and Release

This week our topic is something that some people might find boring, but when you get into it actually really deepens your experience of Magic: The Gathering: keeping track of stuff. To adapt Socrates’ famous dictum, “The unexamined game is not worth playing.” We’ll get to the more complicated stuff in a minute, but first … Continue reading