Power and Toughness

The weekend started off well. I x-0’d the early draft (thanks for the scoop, Joe Shi) giving me as many store points as I’d acquire normally over an entire weekend. At FNM I ran (something like) the following Dark Naya list and a fever of 101: 4 Avacyn’s Pilgrim 2 Blood Crypt 4 Bonfire of … Continue reading

On Being EVIL in Standard FNM to TNM

Evil, according to Evil Tim Akpinar, known Bant sympathizer and Jace Beleren look-a-like, “… just means wrathing and countering a lot.”  I was very evil and have been for most of this Standard meta.  With a new set on the horizon I’m certainly looking forward to what new wrathing and countering strategies might be on the … Continue reading

Power and Toughness—GW(b) in Modern and a Holiday Week Recap

What a lousy holiday week(end) for winning! Holy cow – something like 6 and 12 over a variety of formats (draft, standard, and modern). Regardless, I had a blast and reacquainted myself with a major personal truth. I’m a “fuck the system” kinda guy. I grew up listening to lots of Rage Against the Machine, … Continue reading

Power and Toughness—FNM #7 and the Long Weekend of Magic

Kadar, Li, Chase, Johnny, Nick, Sean, and my assistant-friend Eric all helped me move two ten foot truckloads full of studio equipment, supplies, paintings, and endless copies of books from my old studio to my new one in Kadar’s building on Friday. I paid them in donuts and pizza. We were done in time to … Continue reading

Power and Toughness—Everything-But-Blue Reanimator in Standard

On Friday my studio assistant/friend/artist/all-around-good-guy Eric and I, in preparation for moving my studio mid-Month to a new location, cleaned the hell out of my in record setting time giving me a half our to walk to Twenty Sided and participate in the early FNM draft. The deck I drafted was ok – a decent UW fliers/etc. … Continue reading

Power and Toughness—RTR Draft in Rochester, NY

Hello from aboard Amtrak 284 heading from Rochester to New York! I’m currently leaving the Schenectady Station. Trains are the best way to travel and Rochester isn’t a horrible place to play Magic: the Gathering (the collectible card game of strategy and imagination)! I went to FNM at Millennium in Henrietta. They have HUGE cases … Continue reading

Power and Toughness—GW Less Aggro (FNM #4)

In eight matches against RDW I’ve gone 1-7 with GW Chato Aggro. In FNM I went 3-1 (as reported last week) and in Standard Dailies on MTGO I’m 8-8 overall (3-1, 2-2, 2-2, 1-3). The final Daily, as reported in the comment thread of last week’s article, was severely affected by mulligans and bad keeps. … Continue reading

Power and Toughness—GW Aggro (FNM #3)

At FNM I sleeved up/borrowed (upon realizing I’d left my deck at my girlfriend’s place) a Luis Chato designed alternative GW Aggro (that differs from this deck and its variations). Chato GW Aggro (and he’s not that stoked about me posting the list but said it was fine) is focused almost exclusively on the short game. … Continue reading