Hope Eternal—Changing of the Guard

Hello again, hipsters! I was recently approached by drafter extraordinaire Hunter “Rolex” Slaton (of 23/17 fame) about whether I would be interested in writing a weekly column on eternal formats. For those of you that know me, that sounds like a hand that I would snap-keep, right? Well, spoiler alert: I said, “Yes.” So, it … Continue reading

Hope Eternal—Full-Block Draft

These Dragon’s Maze Spoilers are really something, are they not? It seems like there are a lot of strong cards that have already been spoiled, and there have even been a couple of strong contenders for the cube. But today I want to walk through packs two and three of this new draft format. We … Continue reading

Hope Eternal—Drafty With a Chance of Cubes

This was not a Modern week for me; even Magic superfans get busy from time to time, and after navigating the DMV the other day I didn’t have the patience for several more hours in an enclosed space. So today I’d like to talk about Cube. See, I have a cube. It’s a Pauper cube, … Continue reading

Hope Eternal—GP Pittsburgh and the Bazaar of Fun

I wasn’t really expecting to do well at Grand Prix Pittsburgh. I love me some Gatecrash limited, but serious sealed events have a high degree of luck involved, and it sometimes leads to awkward outcomes. But I ended up going 6-3 with an interesting Gruul pool with a slight Simic splash for Master Biomancer, and … Continue reading