Pondering—Grinding It Out With Grixis

I played Standard! Again! Me! Standard! Again! The last time I did, I played the horribly boring UWR Flash, came with a half-assed sideboard, and dropped at 1-2. This time, I played a brew and finished the day with a respectable 3-1. Here’s the list: Deck: Grixis Seer Counts : 60 main / 15 sideboard … Continue reading

Pondering—Dragon’s Maze and Six-Person Pods

For two of the three Dragon’s Maze drafts I’ve done since the set’s release, I took Putrefy pack-one, pick-one. Unconditional removal is awesome, even if it comes at the price of having to commit to a color combination early on. After all, this format is built to accommodate a bit of greed. But how greedy … Continue reading

Pondering—In Which the Commies Prevail

I had a blast at the prerelease. I correctly predicted that Wind Drakes would be huge role-players in the durdly, get-handed-a-deck format that RTR block prereleases have come to be, and built a deck loaded with two-power flyers and finished at a respectable 3-1. I was taken down in the second round by Hunter. We … Continue reading

Pondering—Attacking Along an Alternate Axis

I played Standard last week. Me! Standard! There was a time when that statement didn’t raise any eyebrows. Standard used to be my jam, until Return to Ravnica and my discovery of Modern changed that. After GP Atlantic City, I played less and less Standard until I eventually just stopped paying attention to the format … Continue reading

Pondering—Promo Cards and How I Wish They Didn’t Suck

The Dragon’s Maze prerelease, only a week and a half away, will mark one year since my return to Magic. At the Avacyn Restored prerelease last year, I got what would be the last (to date) Constructed playable promo card, the multi-format all-star, and probably my favorite white card for all time, Restoration Angel. Okay, … Continue reading

Pondering—Let’s Go to Vegas

I’m a do-or-die, instant gratification type of person. Phrased differently, I’m an impatient person (how I naturally gravitate towards playing blue tempo decks I’ll never know). Part of being impatient also means that I give into temptation easily, and am prone to impulse purchasing decisions. I originally planned on going to Vegas, but for something … Continue reading

Pondering—If at First You Don’t Succeed, Bang Your Head Against the Wall Again

I went back. I wanted to die last time, and I knew fully well that I’d taste that feeling again, but I went back. In some twisted way, I almost enjoy being miserable in Legacy. I want to do a Honda-esque headbutt and launch myself cranium-first into a concrete wall every time I die to … Continue reading

Pondering—Under a Blazing Sun

The big story this week, as you’ll learn on Friday, is Hunter’s INSANE run through GP Pittsburgh, finishing at an astonishing 56th place with a 12-4 record after going in with zero byes and losing his first two rounds. What a fucking boss. I, on the other hand, didn’t get to play much Magic over … Continue reading

Pondering—Expanding Horizons

“You’re playing Legacy?” Dana remarked with a certain amount of surprise in her voice as she walked by. It was Sunday, and I was in the middle of battling Tony’s UB Tezzerator with the Esper Stone-Blade deck I borrowed from John Fung. I originally wasn’t planning on playing Legacy, but an excuse to durdle at … Continue reading

Pondering—The Wurm-Father

I’ve always dismissed Wurmcoil Engine. I never thought it was a bad card—it is very clearly absurd in a vacuum—it just was never particularly relevant against the decks that I played. When it was in Standard, it was at the mercy of Vapor Snag, and that’s assuming the game even went to six turns. In … Continue reading