Pondering—Twenty Sided Store Championship

It had been a long season. Months of trials and tribulations finally culminated in the reward that we had all worked so hard for: the Twenty Sided Store Championship. By now you’ve probably already read Jess and Matt’s reports on the event. Here’s how this whirlwind of a weekend all went down for me. We … Continue reading

State of the Meta—Midrange with a Chance of Reanimator

Brian Kibler tells us that state of the Meta is healthy. Our opinions differ slightly, Mr. Kibler. It’s neither healthy nor is it sick; it’s in limbo. That less than magical place when the format is incomplete. This is my first time in 12 years being at this point in the meta, but from what … Continue reading

Power and Toughness—GW(b) in Modern and a Holiday Week Recap

What a lousy holiday week(end) for winning! Holy cow – something like 6 and 12 over a variety of formats (draft, standard, and modern). Regardless, I had a blast and reacquainted myself with a major personal truth. I’m a “fuck the system” kinda guy. I grew up listening to lots of Rage Against the Machine, … Continue reading

23/17—PTQ Worcester (not Boston)

Last weekend I decided, after much hemming and hawing, to take three solo hours in the car (six round-trip) to the dome, so I could play in PTQ Worcester (not Boston), at the DCU Center—aka, the same pretty blighted place that GP Boston (actually Worcester) went down this past August. I chose to make the … Continue reading

Power and Toughness—Standard RB Aggro or “I wasn’t talking smack! George Costanza, that’s a compliment!” (TNM #4)

Hey Everyone! TNM was extra strange this week. I ran this deck: 10 Mountain 4 Stromkirk Noble 4 Searing Spear 4 Rakdos Cackler 4 Knight of Infamy 4 Falkenrath Aristocrat 4 Dragonskull Summit 4 Blood Crypt 4 Ash Zealot 3 Thundermaw Hellkite 3 Swamp 3 Rakdos Keyrune 3 Pillar of Flame 3 Mizzium Mortars 2 … Continue reading

Power and Toughness—FNM #7 and the Long Weekend of Magic

Kadar, Li, Chase, Johnny, Nick, Sean, and my assistant-friend Eric all helped me move two ten foot truckloads full of studio equipment, supplies, paintings, and endless copies of books from my old studio to my new one in Kadar’s building on Friday. I paid them in donuts and pizza. We were done in time to … Continue reading

Power and Toughness—Everything-But-Blue Reanimator in Standard

On Friday my studio assistant/friend/artist/all-around-good-guy Eric and I, in preparation for moving my studio mid-Month to a new location, cleaned the hell out of my in record setting time giving me a half our to walk to Twenty Sided and participate in the early FNM draft. The deck I drafted was ok – a decent UW fliers/etc. … Continue reading

Power and Toughness—Failure With BGWU Reanimator

A 1-3 record sucks. Li Xu and I played similar versions BGWU Reanimator at 20ss’s TNM (he writes about it here) this week. We posted a combined 1-5-1 record against a meta that we haven’t played well against all season. I’d been sweating which Standard deck to play all day. BR seems so last season. … Continue reading

Power and Toughness—RTR Draft in Rochester, NY

Hello from aboard Amtrak 284 heading from Rochester to New York! I’m currently leaving the Schenectady Station. Trains are the best way to travel and Rochester isn’t a horrible place to play Magic: the Gathering (the collectible card game of strategy and imagination)! I went to FNM at Millennium in Henrietta. They have HUGE cases … Continue reading

Pondering—RTR Sucks (There, I Said It)

Since I’ve been stuck in New Mexico with no way to play paper Magic, I’ve resorted to drafting on Magic Online for the past week or so. It took a few drafts to start going infinite, and chaining drafts with the winnings from the previous felt pretty good, but in the end, a string of … Continue reading