Limited Possibilities—Gatecrash

Now obviously, you can tell from my bio and from my articles that I’m a constructed player.  I love deckbuilding to the meta and I like getting sneaky in my sideboard.  What I also love is Limited theory.  Actually, game theory on the whole is very interesting to me.  Statistics are fun if there’s a … Continue reading

23/17—PTQ Worcester (not Boston)

Last weekend I decided, after much hemming and hawing, to take three solo hours in the car (six round-trip) to the dome, so I could play in PTQ Worcester (not Boston), at the DCU Center—aka, the same pretty blighted place that GP Boston (actually Worcester) went down this past August. I chose to make the … Continue reading

Grand Prix Philadelphia

I’d been preparing for about two months for last weekend. Between purchasing a case to learn the limited format for the set and then playing in limited events at Twenty Sided store combined with constant testing with Li, Chase, Dylan, and pretty much anyone that will crack packs with me. Even after all that I … Continue reading

PTQ King’s Games—Sept. 22, 2012

Friday Night: It was 2am.  Finally time to leave work.  Energy drinks were starting to wear off, and I was genuinely tired from a long day at the grind.  Slinging drinks, while easy work, takes its toll in other ways.  I hop on my bike, and bust out 2.1 miles toward home in a sleepy … Continue reading