Hope Eternal—Changing of the Guard

Hello again, hipsters! I was recently approached by drafter extraordinaire Hunter “Rolex” Slaton (of 23/17 fame) about whether I would be interested in writing a weekly column on eternal formats. For those of you that know me, that sounds like a hand that I would snap-keep, right? Well, spoiler alert: I said, “Yes.” So, it … Continue reading

Power and Toughness—Gatecrash Prerelease, Modern Shake-Ups, and a GoPro

It’s an odd week to write about Magic: The Gathering if one is hoping to be a creative voice in the MTG blogosphere. Gatecrash prerelease has come and gone. Bloodbraid Elf and Seething Song are banned in Modern. Gatecrash release is this coming weekend. I acquired a GoPro camera and have been recording test matches … Continue reading