Command of Etiquette—Combat Commanders

My first big EDH deck was built around what I like to call a “combat commander.” These are generals who usually win though general damage in the red zone, and usually they do so without the help of any other supporting cards. Let me illustrate this, because it’s not always clear. Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind is … Continue reading

Command of Etiquette—A-Mazing Possibilities, Part Two

The pre-release weekend has come and gone, and now that I’ve had some time to actually play with the cards I have a whole new appreciation for some of these generals. I was afraid initially that Return to Ravnica would only give us “big” legends and not companion “small” legends like the original block had; … Continue reading

Command of Etiquette—A-Mazing Possibilities, Part One

The full set of Dragon’s Maze has been spoiled, and it’s shaping up to be an interesting one. I’m going to go through the full spoiler and pull out a few cards I am excited to play in Commander, and the type of deck that I think could use that card. I am going to … Continue reading

Command of Etiquette—Stanch the Bleeding

I think I’m over the EDH league at Twenty Sided Store, and from talking to the rest of my usual playgroup I am probably not alone in this. Maybe if I was playing the type of Commander that I liked in these events it would be worth sticking through a dwindling female base of players … Continue reading

Command of Etiquette—In Which Faith Crumbles

The Twenty Sided Store had its first meeting of the Commander League, and my god was it an event to behold. Thirty-six people crowded into the store, many of whom I have never seen play EDH, and some of whom I had just never seen. Going into the night I was concerned about the state … Continue reading

Command of Etiquette—Plans Change

It’s been a while since I made a new Commander deck. I’ve been playing around with the idea of a black and white deck, but I don’t love any of the BW commanders. Teysa is cute but I don’t love Commanders that are fundamentally just removal, and Vish Kal is literally the same thing. Meanwhile, … Continue reading

Command of Etiquette—Walking the Elder Dragon’s Highlands, Part Three

So I’m back from GP Pittsburgh, and while I did not do as well as my esteemed colleague, about which you will be hearing more later in the week, I had a blast and even got to play some Commander. Not that I really want to play Commander with strangers in general; at one point … Continue reading

Command of Etiquette—Walking the Elder Dragon’s Highlands, Part Two

It’s round two of the Planeswalker showcase, and I’ve got an exciting lot to go over with you today. Our focus will be the planeswalkers from Gideon to Liliana, which leaves us with an odd number but it makes next week’s article flow a little more smoothly. Despite there being a perfect 36 entries in … Continue reading

Command of Etiquette—Walking the Elder Dragon’s Highlands, Part One

I am a little unsure of the history, but whether Commander came before Planeswalkers or vice versa, Sheldon Menery and the brains behind the format made a great decision to not let you play with a Planeswalker as your general. I mean, can you even imagine it? A mono-black EDH deck that plays Liliana of … Continue reading

Command of Etiquette—When You’re Not Having Fun

Let’s face it, sometimes games of Commander stop being fun. Whether it’s because you’ve misread the power level of the game, or it’s reached a very grindy stalemate, or even you’ve been kept from making an impact by mana issues or flood, a game can stop being enjoyable. This past weekend I had a couple … Continue reading