Drawing Live—Cube Design: There’s Something About Tokens

Cube draft is amazing. Players go into a furor over the Magic Online cube every time that it reappears, spending tickets willy-nilly for the sheer joy of drafting it. When I’m discussing cube at Twenty Sided, strangers approach me, asking in hushed, reverent tones, “Does someone here own a cube? When do they bring it? … Continue reading

Hope Eternal—Drafty With a Chance of Cubes

This was not a Modern week for me; even Magic superfans get busy from time to time, and after navigating the DMV the other day I didn’t have the patience for several more hours in an enclosed space. So today I’d like to talk about Cube. See, I have a cube. It’s a Pauper cube, … Continue reading

Hope Eternal—My Last Stand in Standard

 This past weekend was the Twenty Sided Store’s Players’ Championship.  You have already likely heard about this from Matt, and you’ll get to read about Li’s heartbreaker later today.  I did less exceptionally than both of them, in a literal sense.  Matt came in 16th place, I came in 10th, and Li came in fifth.  … Continue reading

Power and Toughness—Human Shapeshifters and the 20SS Store Championship

The night before the Twenty Sided Store Inaugural Seasonal Championship it’s hard for me to sleep. I wake a few times before an alarm is to go off at 8am. Comparable other experiences include: Christmas morning every year from 1983 to 1996 and the morning of any art opening I’m involved in since 2001. What … Continue reading