23/17—California Draftin’

Last week I headed to Los Angeles for work, in order to write a story about a moderation-management rehab in Beverly Hills. (Stay tuned for that story on TheFix.com.) I thought I might have a little free time on Friday afternoon, before hooking up with some friends who moved out west a year and a … Continue reading

Drawing Live—In Error

Mistakes happen. You can focus intently, you can pay attention to the board state, and you can try to be wary of lurking pitfalls, but sooner or later, you’ll roll a natural one and critically fail. Last week, I critically failed. Here’s the story: Magic Online was (and still is, until the downtime on Wednesday!) … Continue reading

Hope Eternal—Full-Block Draft

These Dragon’s Maze Spoilers are really something, are they not? It seems like there are a lot of strong cards that have already been spoiled, and there have even been a couple of strong contenders for the cube. But today I want to walk through packs two and three of this new draft format. We … Continue reading

From the Sideboard—The Flagstaff Draft Report, Innistrad Edition

By Jeremy Broomfield “Be Prepared”? “Use the Force”? I don’t usually like to force a draft archetype unless I’m a) very familiar and b) kinda bored with a draft environment. This doesn’t happen very often, because I only draft IRL and with a newborn baby in the house I’m lucky to get out twice a … Continue reading

23/17—56th at Grand Prix Pittsburgh

Last week I left you at the end of GP Pittsburgh’s day one, in which I’d crushed it by going 8-0 after an 0-2 start with no byes. Read part one of my report here. Day Two I woke up and ran it back on the Dunkin’ Donuts tip with Josh Fetto, before heading back to … Continue reading

The Scrub Report—Dealing with Loss(es)

When I first began the Scrub Report I had only a fleeting grasp of Magic’s rules. It’s amazing to think that this time last year I didn’t know what “the stack” was, I didn’t know what Ravnica was like, or that—hell, I’ll admit it—I didn’t even know who Jace was. (Turns out he’s a Memory … Continue reading

From the Sideboard—The Flagstaff Draft Report, Fame! Edition

By Jeremy Broomfield I showed up to The Geekery an hour later than usual, with three students in tow, panicking that we might have missed our chance to draft. I need not have worried—a large number of the local player group were in Vegas for some sort of very exciting tournament or something, which was … Continue reading

23/17—Drafting Dimir for Fun and Profit (Mostly Fun)

On the way down to GP Charlotte, I read an interesting article on PureMTGO, sent to me by my good buddy Carl Robichaud (@thoughtlaced), about drafting Gatecrash. For a few sets now, the writer Matthew Watkins has been writing his “Ars Arcanum” column about a Magic Online stats-based approach to analyzing Limited formats, specifically draft. … Continue reading

From the Sideboard—The Flagstaff Draft Report, Ten-Man Edition

I don’t like 10-man drafts. They throw off my rhythm, they change the correct number of rounds, and two cards out of every pack will never wheel back to me. But when ten people show up eager to draft—in this case at Flagstaff, AZ’s own The Geekery, on Saturday, Feb. 16—it sends the wrong message to … Continue reading

From the Sideboard—The Flagstaff Draft Report

Hipsters of the Coast welcomes a guest post from Manhattan native and former Brooklyn resident Jeremy Broomfield. For more about Jeremy, read on below. I played my first booster draft of Gatecrash today, and it was a very different experience from most of my RTR drafts. Perhaps it was the packs we got, but it … Continue reading