23/17—California Draftin’

Last week I headed to Los Angeles for work, in order to write a story about a moderation-management rehab in Beverly Hills. (Stay tuned for that story on TheFix.com.) I thought I might have a little free time on Friday afternoon, before hooking up with some friends who moved out west a year and a … Continue reading

23/17—Team Hipsters Takes a Punch in New Jersey

Last Sunday I got up way too early and met up with Matt Jones and Kadar Brock at the  Official Williamsburg Meeting-Place for Magic-Related Travel—aka Kellogg’s Diner—to hit the Star City Games team sealed event out in Somerset, NJ. We’d practiced a little bit for the tourney, including a full-block sealed practice the Thursday prior, … Continue reading

Drawing Live—Team Sealed

My oh my, that was a busy weekend. I had performances, birthdays, teaching, hangouts, Dragon’s Maze release, work, my first StarCityGames event in Somerset, New Jersey… ’twas busy. The SCG team sealed event was my first official team event. Other than very casual drafts and streaming, I have no experience collaborating with other players while … Continue reading

Power and Toughness—I Don’t Like to Touch

Limited is the throw-away collection of formats. There’ s no lasting relationships formed with cards there is in constructed Magic. I’ve been married to Thragtusk and Restoration Angel for about a year. As an atheist it’s incredibly difficult to work with beings of an angelic persuasion but this one has a special touch that flips … Continue reading

23/17—Four Colors FTW at the DGM Prerelease

The Dragon’s Maze prerelease this past weekend at Twenty Sided Store was pretty dope. I played in the Saturday 3pm sealed flight, and the evening 2HG event as well—this time with fellow Hipster (and, I have recently learned, Sagat player) Li Xu. (You can read more about our miserable 2HG run in Li’s Pondering column … Continue reading

Arting Around—The Blur of Dragon’s Maze

It’s sometimes a struggle to come up with content for Arting Around. I tire of  “this art’s good, this art’s bad” judgments of taste. I’ve taken to altering my cards with Sharpie markers to indicate my criticism as clearly as I can. Perhaps this will be the subject of a future article. After viewing the … Continue reading

Grinding It Out—Like a Kid on Christmas Morning

By Monique Garraud 9:17 a.m.—The alignment of my circadian rhythm is nice to experience during the week, but awful when I want to sleep in. It’s rare that I don’t have an alarm set on a Saturday morning—and, as much as I’d like to enjoy a few more hours of rest, trying to fall asleep … Continue reading

Drawing Live—First Impressions

Dragon’s Maze comes out this week! Woo-hoo! A new Limited format is upon us! Hopefully you had the opportunity to attend a prerelease. I took part in two of them at Twenty Sided Store and saw every Hipsters of the Coast contributor over the course of the weekend. I had a blast, going 4-0 in … Continue reading

23/17—Every Last Dragon’s Maze Common Reviewed

This week we’re going to take a look at all the commons in Dragon’s Maze. We’ve got a long way to go, so let’s get after it! Boros Mastiff—As a 2/2 for two, aka a “Bear,” this pup is unexciting but fine. His battalion ability is pretty unimpressive, though. Most of the other Boros Legionnaires … Continue reading

23/17—Doing Fun Stuff in Limited, Card Evaluation, and the G.D.O.A.T.

A few weeks ago, Twenty Sided Store regular Kadar Brock earned my nickname for him—History’s Greatest Monster, natch—by playing a turn-four Gruul Ragebeast on me in a Gatecrash draft. “You son of a … ,” I said to him, as he gleefully slapped down the 6/6 seven-drop after double-tapping (courtesy of a Greenside Watcher) a … Continue reading