23/17—Drafting Dimir for Fun and Profit (Mostly Fun)

On the way down to GP Charlotte, I read an interesting article on PureMTGO, sent to me by my good buddy Carl Robichaud (@thoughtlaced), about drafting Gatecrash. For a few sets now, the writer Matthew Watkins has been writing his “Ars Arcanum” column about a Magic Online stats-based approach to analyzing Limited formats, specifically draft. … Continue reading

Power and Toughness—Gruul, BS, and the American Way

Just kidding about the American Way, nationalism is silly. Kadar and I are stoked and leave our studios plenty early for Twenty Sided and the pre FNM early draft. We are anxious to see what the new set has to offer us in the more selective Limited format of draft. We test some Modern matches … Continue reading