23/17—Everything Dies, Baby, That’s a Fact (aka GP Charlotte Part Two)

NB: This is the second part of my GP Charlotte tournament report, mostly covering Saturday. For part one of the report, click here. I set my alarm for 9:30am, intending to get up and have a leisurely morning—shower, breakfast, etc.—before heading over for the two-round-bye build time at 12:30pm. But my girlfriend called me a little … Continue reading

23/17—Grand Prix Gigantor (aka Charlotte), Part One

Right now I’m on the plane, headed home from GP Charlotte—aka the single biggest Magic tournament of all time, with an incredible 2,693 players. I had speculated that this event—given what seems to be ever-increasing GP attendance, combined with StarCityGames’ unparalleled marketing power, and despite being in not quite as big a hub city as … Continue reading

What We Learned—Grand Prix Charlotte (Feb. 25)

Hello reader! What We Learned is a weekly feature here at Hipsters of the Coast. The goal is to take some of the events and articles polluting the Magic world, strip out the chaff (tournament reports, game theory, economics) and give you our superior opinion. Complaints are encouraged. Two thousand, six hundred and ninety-three players … Continue reading