Pondering—Grinding It Out With Grixis

I played Standard! Again! Me! Standard! Again! The last time I did, I played the horribly boring UWR Flash, came with a half-assed sideboard, and dropped at 1-2. This time, I played a brew and finished the day with a respectable 3-1. Here’s the list: Deck: Grixis Seer Counts : 60 main / 15 sideboard … Continue reading

TNM Report—Grixis

(As promised here’s the TNM recap of how the Grixis Mid Range deck preformed. ) I had been tinkering all night prior and trying to figure out just how to exploit the meta at Twenty Sided… That’s hard to do these days. My last tourney I saw, Wu Humans, Jund, Junk Reanimator and RDWs. The … Continue reading