Hope Eternal—Changing of the Guard

Hello again, hipsters! I was recently approached by drafter extraordinaire Hunter “Rolex” Slaton (of 23/17 fame) about whether I would be interested in writing a weekly column on eternal formats. For those of you that know me, that sounds like a hand that I would snap-keep, right? Well, spoiler alert: I said, “Yes.” So, it … Continue reading

State of the Meta—Bring Your Sunscreen

It’s spring. I live for the spring. All the things that the spring means to me come alive: ridin’ bikes, day drinking, naked skin (someone said to me last night, “Are those tattoos new?”), and a general apathy toward the current Standard meta. People start getting weird! The meta has settled on Reanimator followed by … Continue reading

Pondering—If at First You Don’t Succeed, Bang Your Head Against the Wall Again

I went back. I wanted to die last time, and I knew fully well that I’d taste that feeling again, but I went back. In some twisted way, I almost enjoy being miserable in Legacy. I want to do a Honda-esque headbutt and launch myself cranium-first into a concrete wall every time I die to … Continue reading

Pondering—Expanding Horizons

“You’re playing Legacy?” Dana remarked with a certain amount of surprise in her voice as she walked by. It was Sunday, and I was in the middle of battling Tony’s UB Tezzerator with the Esper Stone-Blade deck I borrowed from John Fung. I originally wasn’t planning on playing Legacy, but an excuse to durdle at … Continue reading

Power and Toughness

The weekend started off well. I x-0’d the early draft (thanks for the scoop, Joe Shi) giving me as many store points as I’d acquire normally over an entire weekend. At FNM I ran (something like) the following Dark Naya list and a fever of 101: 4 Avacyn’s Pilgrim 2 Blood Crypt 4 Bonfire of … Continue reading

Hope Eternal—Elves Have Game, and a Surprising Standard Brew

This weekend I took Elves back out for a spin in the Twenty Sided Store weekend Legacy tournament. I had been meaning to do so before I saw LSV playing the deck in coverage of the Denver GP, but it certainly didn’t hurt. Interestingly enough, LSV was playing a Natural Order variant, which is a … Continue reading

Hope Eternal—If Wishes Were Fishes I’d Still Want to Play Elves

Sunday was the Twenty Sided Store’s monthly Legacy tournament, something to which I always look forward.  While I still think my trusty Junk brew has some serious play, I’ll admit I enjoy getting practice with other decks from time to time.  When I saw that an Elves deck was in the Top 8 of the … Continue reading

Hope Eternal—20SS Legacy: Death Rites

Hi! I am Jess Stirba, and I am here to talk about Legacy today!  So, I entered the latest Twenty Sided Store tournament with my Junk homebrew.  Junk was my first Legacy deck ever, back when it played Hymn to Tourach and Gerrard’s Verdict.  It fell out of the meta in favor of Maverick’s Green … Continue reading

Power and Toughness—Everything-But-Blue Reanimator in Standard

On Friday my studio assistant/friend/artist/all-around-good-guy Eric and I, in preparation for moving my studio mid-Month to a new location, cleaned the hell out of my in record setting time giving me a half our to walk to Twenty Sided and participate in the early FNM draft. The deck I drafted was ok – a decent UW fliers/etc. … Continue reading