23/17—Four Colors FTW at the DGM Prerelease

The Dragon’s Maze prerelease this past weekend at Twenty Sided Store was pretty dope. I played in the Saturday 3pm sealed flight, and the evening 2HG event as well—this time with fellow Hipster (and, I have recently learned, Sagat player) Li Xu. (You can read more about our miserable 2HG run in Li’s Pondering column … Continue reading

Hope Eternal—I Beat Tajic

This is a prerelease story. I signed up for Golgari going into it. This was half preference and half strategy: While I do love my Golgari colors, they also had a strong set of guild packs and were partnered with any but my least favorite of the Gatecrash guilds (Boros). Still, when I received my … Continue reading

Grinding It Out—Like a Kid on Christmas Morning

By Monique Garraud 9:17 a.m.—The alignment of my circadian rhythm is nice to experience during the week, but awful when I want to sleep in. It’s rare that I don’t have an alarm set on a Saturday morning—and, as much as I’d like to enjoy a few more hours of rest, trying to fall asleep … Continue reading

Hope Eternal—Fighting Burnout, Cracking Eggs

The week or two before a new set hits is always awkward. You’ve got the full spoiler out, but no sense of how the cards actually play; you can guess at how these cards will fit in the various metas, but unless you’re part of a higher-level testing group you’re not going to have a … Continue reading

23/17—Extorting Fools for Their Lunch Money at the Gatecrash Prerelease

Prerelease weekend! Is there anything better? When I first got back into the game seven years ago, around the time of original Ravnica, I started faithfully attending every Gray Matter (god rest their souls) prerelease event, from when they were at Neutral Ground (I think) to that weird Fight House place to St. Anthony’s on … Continue reading

Power and Toughness—Gatecrash Prerelease, Modern Shake-Ups, and a GoPro

It’s an odd week to write about Magic: The Gathering if one is hoping to be a creative voice in the MTG blogosphere. Gatecrash prerelease has come and gone. Bloodbraid Elf and Seething Song are banned in Modern. Gatecrash release is this coming weekend. I acquired a GoPro camera and have been recording test matches … Continue reading